Six million straws per day

They’ve been redundant for a long time, and in 2021 it’s finally happening:

The ban of single-use plastic utensils is coming.

The EU agreement was passed with a large majority in 2019, and it will come into force as of July 3, 2021 in Germany. The reasoning is that plastic accounts for about 85% of trash in the oceans. From plastic bags to fast food packaging, plates and individual straws, this waste adds up to about eight million tons of plastic trash each year. This hurts all sea creatures and humans as well, as we end up consuming plastic through eating fish, algae and shellfish. The EU plastic ban was created to protect the environment and reduce the stress on the oceans – and rightly so!

What exactly will be banned?

Concretely, the ban will include the following plastic products:

  • Single-use plastic utensils (forks, knives, spoons, chop sticks)
  • Single-use plastic plates
  • Plastic straws
  • Cotton swabs with plastic sticks
  • Plastic holders for balloons
  • Products made from OXO-biodegradable materials such as bags, packaging and fast food boxes made from expanded polystyrene

Also: The ban of plastic bags was not part of the EU regulation, but it was passed by the German federal parliament in 2019 and is a true win for the environment.

We already have alternatives!

Growing amounts of trash and alarming conditions in the oceans make the ban unavoidable. But the ban doesn’t mean consumers have to miss out. There are alternatives in the form of environmentally friendly and quickly decomposable materials, even for drinking straws. Sustainably produced plates, cups, utensils and packaging made from bamboo, cellulose, palm leaves and other biological products product the environment and are the future.

“SuckMyStraw” offers special straws as a super alternative to plastic and was involved in protecting the environment before the ban.

Doesn’t pollute the ocean

Biologically decomposable

No plastic

Best selection of biologically decomposable to-go packaging

SuckMyStraw supplies a wide range of to-go packaging. These are also sustainable, produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, and meet the new EU standards for 2021. The quality meets the needs of restaurant industry, as does our smooth service and shipping.

Impacts on the producers

The EU isn’t just banning plastics, it also requires more responsibility from the producers. The polluter-pays principle will be in effect, especially for the tobacco industry, who is responsible for numerous difficult to decompose cigarette filters. Producers of avoidable plastic waste shall now contribute to paying for waste management, sanitation and awareness. The same is required of the fishing industry, which also causes considerable damage to sea creatures with their lost nets.

In addition, a compulsory label will better inform consumers about the negative impacts of throwing away cigarette butts with plastic filters as well as other plastic products such as plates, cups, drinking straws or sanitary pads.

Finally, the other EU member states will also increase their contribution. Among other requirements, 90% of all plastic bottles shall be separately collected for recycling by 2029.

The future of the straw is bright.

We look forwards, away from single-use plastic and the coronavirus crisis and toward a new year with more fun. Joy and all things colorful! With more than 3,000 pantone colors and styles, the world of SuckMyStraw is remarkably colorful and unique. Whether for festivals, company parties, events or bars, sucking up drinks in 2021 will be more sustainable, beautiful and sexy. In other words: If you can suck it, you should!

Suck it professionally

Individual orders in large quantities

Just the right thing for your business: Our completely customizable drinking straws made from paper. The small and large drinking straws are exactly the right accessory for restaurants and bars – and are an important alternative to plastic as of 2021.

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