The hardest paper straws

Lasts longer than your drink

Environmentally friendly
alternative to plastic

Very, very

Doesn’t get soft, no matter how wet it gets.

Two years of research and training have made our paper straws palpably resilient. Food safe and completely free of hazardous colors or glues, the straws seductively slip into any drink and expectantly wait to be sucked.

Lasts longer than your drink

14°F to 212°F

Does not discolor

This color selection.

Classic. Neon. Metallic. Pastel. 3,000 colors – we have them all.
Select the color that hits the spot from our tantalizing range. Sexily striped or with your own style and design.

Looks do matter.

Select from 3,000 colors and different thicknesses and lengths for your unique straws now. Our favorite suckers are of course also available in neon, metallic and pastel. If you wish, you can individualize your straws with your logo on each straw or the packaging. Lands quickly and timely before your front door.

Your own logo

Fits your exact specifications


A tip made for penetration.
Strong and ready.

To push a straw through a lid, you need a hard tip. SuckMyStraw paper straws are made in one pour and with substantial penetration ability. Models made from plastic can’t do anything but withdraw and make room for the professionals.


For the environment

Sustainably produced and completely compostable. Our paper straws look out for the environment and the future. Which is why one of our mottos is: Suck with conscience.

Suck it professionally

Individual orders in large quantities

Only use the strongest paper straws for your business. Simply select your desired length, color and thickness now and brand your straws with your logo. For restaurants, SuckMyStraw is the ideal alternative for plastic straws, which will be illegal as of July 2021. But our solid straws are also perfect for other types of businesses for visitors or company parties.

made by pheenetz